Are you still wandering between one enterprises to find a habitat that can't be found? Are you still distressed by the appreciation of yourself as a horse and no Bole? NiZing is based on the growth of people, and in the direction of scientific data management, is committed to cultivating the ability for individuals, families, businesses, and society. To create value, to benefit the society, to have an international vision to contribute to the world's outstanding talents and to create an enterprise platform to deliver a better life with science and technology. We seek to be ready to join the aspirations of our lives.

NiZing Group from Taiwan,Professional research and development, production, sales of silica gel / Teflon high temperature and high pressure wire, has more than 20 years history, is one of the largest and most skilled manufacturers in the same industry. In order to comply with the market and customer needs, the new products such as silica gel pipe, seal ring, product and other new products have been developed in the last two years. Some products have been patented by the state. Hair, manufacturing, sales of silica gel / Teflon high temperature and high pressure wire has more than 20 years of history, the industry is the largest, one of the senior high temperature and high pressure wire manufacturers. In order to meet the demand of the market, we have developed silica gel hose, silicone seal ring (national patent) and silicone series molded products in recent two years.
The main products are: silica gel wire (added and no compiling), silica gel casing, silica gel pipe, silica gel seal ring, silica gel molded products, iron fluoride wire, wire harness processing, etc. The product use temperature range of -60 centigrade at +250 degrees centigrade, and through UL, CUL, CSA, VDE, PSE, CCC and other certification, and conforms to ROHS, REACH standard, in which silica gel seal and silica gel molded products conform to FDA, LFGB food grade standards. The products are widely used in household appliances, heating appliances, cooking utensils, air conditioning machines, lighting lamps, electronic equipment, electric heating products, computer communications, aviation too, cars and other high-tech industrial products.

●Our History:
1983 - Established in Taipei, Taiwan.
1996 - Dongguan NiZing Eiectric Co., Ltd , Guangdong, China.
1999 - No 2 Manufactory in Dongguan.
2001 - Shanghai office in East China.
2002 - Increase the production base of the land by the original plant.
2004 - Zhejiang Office, Zhongshan Office.
2006 - No3 Manufactory in Dongguan.
2008 - Fujian Zhangzhou NiZing Electronics Co., Ltd.
2009 - Fujian Zhangzhou NiZing Wire Co., Ltd.

Contact Information:
Contact: Mr. Yang
Tel:: +86-0769-83218997-228
Add:  No.13, Fuling Road, Fuzhushan, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.

Online Service
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