LED Lamp Rod Silicone Sleeve thumb
LED Lamp Rod Silicone Sleeve thumb

LED Lamp Rod Silicone Sleeve

Article LED lights silicone casing is dedicated to the LED lamp high transparent silicone seal waterproof casing, the article can be divided into LED soft light, LED flexible light casing pipe two kinds, because its main waterproof function, so the article can also be called LED lights waterproof casing, according to different customer needs, also can produce LED lights article U half casing, one side for the opening, use glue to seal. It is widely used in LED flexible lamp belt industry, and it is waterproof and protective, and the product is non-toxic and tasteless. High transparency and high transmittance; Long-term use of constant yellow, not brittle, not cracked; And it has the excellent performance of ozone resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance, high and low temperature.

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LED Lamp Rod Silicone Sleeve:
UL number:E333398
Temperature Range : -60~200℃
Environmental certification:SGS ROHS REACH FDA
Nominal Voltage : 220V-3KV
Tolerance range : 0.1mm~0.3mm
Hardness : 30-80A
Air pressure : 0.4-0.8mpa
Size : ¢1mm~¢50mm(also can be produced according to customer demand color)
Color : Standard color: transparent (also can be produced according to customer's demand color)
Use range : LED Flexible lamp belt industry.
The food grade silicone tube is imported silica gel raw material, the most advanced platinum vulcanization process, this product is more extensive adaptability. It has the advantages of high transparency, tasteless, constant yellow, non-spray frost, aging resistance, air pressure and voltage resistance.

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