Specifications and characteristics of silica gel wires


In our daily life, silica gel wires are widely used and are very important materials in industry. Today, Xiaobian introduces the characteristics and specifications of silicone wires and silicone wires.

Characteristics and specifications of silica gel wires

Silica gel wire has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, antifungal properties, excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electric edge performance, excellent chemical stability, long service life, ability to damp heat environment and many kinds of grease. At the same time, the softness of cable is good, and it has the advantages of waterproof, pressure resistance and so on. Silica gel wires are soft and easy to install.
Silicon rubber wire has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance and wear-resistance, so it has stable electrical properties, good aging resistance and long service life in the high temperature environment of the cable. It is suitable for the driving, trolley, transmission machinery and other mobile equipment with special requirements such as tensile, heat-resistant, anticorrosion and so on under the AC 1KV. Using power transmission lines and control, lighting, communication lines.


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